Sunday, September 4, 2011

Catfish Cake!

I know it sounds crazy but this was actually a pretty cute cake. A co-worker of mine ordered this cake for his daughters birthday. When he asked what she wanted she specifically asked for a green cake with blue frosting shaped like her favorite stuffed animal Oba the catfish. Well, I have not mastered cakes that are shaped like things so I offered up the idea of doing a mini cake for the birthday girl with cupcakes to go along with. Luckily that worked for them. I new I could pull off a small catfish made out of marshmallow fondant and a banner that said "Happy Birthday Clara Love Oba" - I made a vanilla cake with green food coloring and used a classic buttercream with blue food coloring. I also made grass/seaweed to go around the base of the cake out of fondant to make Oba feel at home :-)


  1. I'm calling you the next time I need a fondant fish. It's perfect!

  2. can i order this? or can i ask for the recipe?
    thanks in advance!


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