Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My first dessert table...

I have more images and recipes coming soon but I wanted to share this first batch with everyone. This was for my friends baby shower. They are having a little boy and they wanted green brown and white. No theme - just elegant baby...

the color palate

S'more marshmallows and white chocolate lemon truffles

Popcorn and Lemon Coconut 4 layer cake

I ordered these adorable green and white straws online to go
with Skinny Girl Margaritas to carry out the green theme

Red velvet cake balls

Lemon blueberry poppy seed bread with lemon glaze

Yellow cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting

Here are some more amazing photo's from the Dad - they turned out
great and you can really see the little labels I made... thanks Aaron!

I used a little green food coloring to get a green gradient in the cake, everyone loved this


  1. Yum. All looks delicious! Good job!

  2. Wow, this looks incredible!

  3. everything looks amazing! i love, love, love the s'mores marshmallows!

  4. The dessert table looks really good! I stumbled over your blog yesterday and I love LOVE it! Thank you for all the inspiration.


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